I Can Make You Hot by Kelly Killoren Bensimon x Open Sky

With summer just around the bend, it's time to get "bathing-suit ready."

Best known for her stint as a Real Housewife of New York, Kelly Killoren Bensimon is much, much more than a housewife. Between competitive swimming, heading the Elle Accessories division, writing for Page Six Magazine, working as the Fashion Director for both Gotham and Hamptons publications, acting as the celebrity Ambassador for Food Bank of New York, plus mothering two young girls, it can legitimately be said that Ms. Bensimon can do and has done it all. We were lucky enough to interview Kelly about her new book, "I Can Make You Hot: The Supermodel Diet" (now available here, on OpenSky), where Bensimon gives insight on how to be happy and healthy. Skinny, she notes, is hungry. Healthy, is energized. While giving a special sneak peek into her own life, whether it be her fitness habits or her beauty regimen, she introduces a seven day plan, which she contrived alongside a panel of experts. The publication promises to help identify healthy options and promotes and encourages responsible lifestyle choices. What to do after you complete the seven day plan? Continue, what Benismon calls, the "life plan" for another seven days! And...in her own words: "When you're ready to show off your body, hit Montauk! The competition is tough, and the bodies are HOT!"

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Big Thanks to Kelly Killoren Bensimon for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions and make this giveaway possible!
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